Gwen Downs - Wedding Celebrant


Whether you are looking for a ceremony that is short and sweet, serious and warm, fun and humorous or has a spiritual feel, I will help you express and share the joy of this day with a personalized heartwarming ceremony. No matter what type of ceremony you choose, we will work together to create a memorable ceremony that you, your family and friends will remember for years to come. I offer the following ceremony options:

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To bring together the perfect ceremony of your dreams, you have total freedom of choice for the type of ceremony including vows, music, readings, theme and venue. You may also choose to ask family and friends to participate in making the complete perfect wedding ceremony. 

This is my most basic ceremony and is popular with couples who had commitment or civil union ceremonies already, are having a big wedding later or just want to get legally married first. This ceremony includes the asking vows and the ring vows and a few words of introduction.

This service does not include an in-person meeting. I’ll ask you a few questions via email or phone so I can tailor the ceremony for you. 

Vow Renewal
Show your love for your significant other by committing all over again. There may be many reasons for a renewal of vows; you may have had a simple ceremony when you committed in the past or you may just want to declare your unconditional love all over again.

Let the reason be only an excuse to re-establish your dedication towards your partner, showing them that you will stay by their side through all seasons of your life. Celebrating your love in front of friends and family can be a great way to experience the day you hold most important all over again.

Becoming an engaged couple is an exciting and sometimes scary event. Let me help you make the transition smoothly with a ceremony to celebrate your new status as an engaged couple.