"Gwen gave us our truly perfect wedding. Seeing as it was a lesbian wedding most people wouldn't marry us. Once we met Gwen we knew she was the one. She doesn't see color nor sexual orientation, she just sees people in love. She made our lifetime of commitment come true. And we will forever be thankful for her! She made sure that our wedding was what we wanted and exceeded our expectations. She was the best and we recommend her for anyone."

           -- Ashleigh & Kymm

"We highly recommend Gwen. She made us feel right at home from our first meeting. She was insistent the ceremony be our own, but provided helpful direction along the way.  We chose to incorporate a puzzle ceremony into the overall ceremony. She did an amazing job creating the words to describe the ceremony to our guests. It was really amazing! We received many compliments on the uniqueness of the ceremony. We are very glad we found her!​​"

​           -- Jennifer & Rob

"Absolutely perfect! Gwen took the time to find out exactly what we wanted with our ceremony and she took care of all the details. I would definitely recommend her services."

           -- Jim & Greg

"Our experience was phenomenal. Mrs. Downs has a beautiful spirit. She is very patient and understanding. She made our    union so wonderful and heartfelt. We truly appreciate all that she did in assisting with our marriage."

​           -- Diana & Adrian

​" We had some unusual circumstances, but Gwen was extremely flexible with time, location, ceremony, etc. Very professional.     She listened to what we needed and wanted and we would recommend her without reservation. Thanks, Gwen!!"

           -- Becky & Dave

"Gwen was absolutely fantastic, I definitely recommend her, especially for any couple looking not to spend a ton of money but  still have a nice ceremony. She was completely accommodating, found us two witnesses, let me change into my dress at her  place, and was very responsive when it came to changing the vows and anything we needed beforehand. We are completely  satisfied and so glad we found her online!"

            --  Aimee & Phil

"Gwen was very efficient and sweet. For us not knowing what we were doing, she was very calm and guided us right through  everything. I would highly recommend her to a friend for their wedding."

            -- Brenda & Mark

"I would recommend Gwen. She is very nice and responsive to your needs! She provided a custom ceremony for my fiancé  and  I. Her prices are budget friendly, and she is flexible to change."

            -- Shauna & Anthony

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